Leftover night

"My wife cooks. I can't cook. I can remix leftovers 
pretty good, though." ~Big Boi

Friday was always leftover night at my house. I loved Friday nights, we made our own plates, ate where ever we wanted (even in front of the tv) and . . . I always made toll house cookies for dessert. It has been a long time since I had anything leftover, now that I am an empty nest’er I mainly eat salads. I think I have forgotten how much I loved to cook.

Crafting is creating my new “leftovers”. I have a basket I toss my mistakes before they hit the trash. Today I went through the basket & resurrected a few items. Both the background & the flower were salvaged.  A fun card for no special occasion.

I have some more items I am staring at – waiting for the ideas to flow – ha ha. Hope you enjoyed my leftovers! Thanks for stopping by,

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