Multi Media

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while,
but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown

Working in mixed media is fun, but wow so many more supplies! I made this card at the scrapbook expo in one of the classes I took earlier this month. It was great fun & if only I could think about using the techniques I learned when I am sitting at my craft desk.

This particular card will have a Happy Mothers day sentiment & is meant for a very special person in my life – my aunt – who has always been there for me with solid advice, loads of love & tons of support.

My great find at this years Stamp expo was Lawn Fawns Stamp Shammy. 

A Stamp Shammy is a 5” x 7” reusable cleaning cloth. Stamp Shammy makes stamping crisp images and switching between ink colors even easier. It is the perfect tool for every stamper’s craft desk! The shammy will dry out between uses, as well as get “inky” over time. Don’t worry! Just add water to throughly re-hydrate the cloth, and it will continue to clean your stamps again and again, even if stained.

It sure beats baby wipes!


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